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Sharp, Shiny and Flammable 

Survival/Emergency Preparedness - Battlbox Subscription Box

Essential Emergency Food & Gear -

Legacy Food Storage

Cold Weather Outdoor clothing - 

Wildhorn Outfitters

Court and Other Drama

Book by Anne Bradley - Divorcing a Narcissist and other jerks

Single-Dad Custody (US) -

Custody Blueprint for dads

Unbundled Legal Services (Canada) -

Official Site

Bringing Home the Bacon

Battery Reconditioning and Tire Recycling for Money - EZ Battery Reconditioning

TaskRabbit - 



- UK

Instacart -  *NOTE-It helps to be referred. I cannot publicly give out my contractor referral code, but, if you email me directly, I will give it to you.


Mind, Body & Stress Management

L-Theanine- This is a life saver just darn good for you

GABA - For chilling out at night or for acute stress. Take a couple days off every 7 days if using daily.

Lipogen PS Plus Extra - At only $29, this is the crème de la crème of Nootropic supplements for enhanced cognitive function. It contains Phosphatidylserine