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Well, the new us, 3 years and 3 months after our world was shattered by family breakdown. Oh, by the way, I'm Tony with Soliel and Dante. I was always a hands-on dad, but now I was mom, dad, newly unemployed and a self-litigant against a spiteful spouse with her lawyer(s). (There were 7; kinda like Scott Pilgrim VS the World but less entertaining.. so, you will just have to read the story ; )

I went from overwhelmed deer in the headlights to being the Primary Caregiver full-time for my two beautiful kids and enjoying everyday with them without full-time work getting in our way.

We know that we need to be the change we wish to see in the world; themoderncrusoe.com is an all-access resource, years in the making, to help. Not just a reassuring pat on the back. No Ads, no BS and No Fluff, but Specific practices, principles, websites, products and everything else that has helped me get here. I was so fortunate to have received so much help, time for me to give back.

So why the Modern Crusoe? Well, Robinson Crusoe had to adapt to huge life-altering circumstances in order to survive. Eventually I, like him, thrived, and so will you.

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